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The Payfone Signature API is a deterministic trusted mobile identity that cannot be forged, cloned, spoofed, or hacked. Through a unique relationship with the Tier 1 Mobile Network Operators, the Payfone Signature leverages data directly from the Mobile Network Operator to permanently bind, verify, and subscribe to mobile identity at the account level – to generate a persistent mobile ID.

The Payfone Signature API uses simple POST or GET requests that return JSON responses. These apis provide authentication for device and user. First this API will check for authentication for device and then user. If device is authenticated then you can authenticate the user and then it can allow to do registration in one click.

Availability Service

The Availability Service is limited to the single call "accountEcho". This function should be run when initially implementing the interface to ensure connectivity, or when it is suspected that there are problems in the system. This function returns a reflection of the echo message sent in the request.

The Availability Services provide a quick and simple means of testing:

  • The availability of the Payfone servers.
  • That connectivity between your location and Payfone is established.
  • That the server is properly returning data.
  • To verify current version of the API.

Availability Service

API Description
POST /account/2014/07/25/accountEcho This call will check whether any connection is available or not.

Authentication Service

Authentication Service is charm of Payfone Signature APIs. Through agreements with the MNOs and Payfone technology, we transparently authenticate and manage mobile users through all life- cycle events even when their device, MNO, Mobile Number, or SIM card changes. This provides unprecedented assurance whether the device is or is not owned by the user.

The redirect Authentication Service obtains Identity Certainty on a mobile device. With this service you can:

  • Redirect a mobile device to the Payfone servers to complete authentication.
  • Determine with certainty that the device is associated with a known user.

Authentication Service

API Description
POST mobileauth/2014/07/01/authenticateByRedirect This call with IP or carrier short code for the mobile device, and the destination URL to contact after final VerificationFingerprint(VFP) is made are sent to Payfone. Returns TargetUrl and VerificationFingerprint(VFP).
GET mobileauth/2014/07/01/deviceAuthenticate?vfp={{vfp}}&r=f This HTTP GET on Final URL passed. Authentication VFP key attached as a parameter.
POST mobileauth/2014/07/01/authenticateByRedirectFinish AuthenticationCode and PayfoneAlias returned on Success. If phone is not authenticated an error is returned.

Eligibility Service

This service will find out which data is available. With this interface you can:

  • Determine whether calling the subsequent Signature Sign Up API calls will return any data.
  • Retrieve the challenge question for retrieving additional data from the other Signature Sign Up API calls.

The Eligibility service is the first call of a chain of calls to obtain CRM and Payment Credential data. If the Eligibility call returns a “not eligible” response, then calls to any of the other Signature Sign Up services will return an error.

All Signature Sign Up endpoints require both a PayfoneAlias and an AuthenticationCode value. These values can be retrieved using the Mobile Authentication API. Authentication is a prerequisite for calling Signature Sign Up. The PayfoneAlias is a persistent Global Unique Identifier (GUID) and can be stored, while the AuthenticationCode is time-limited and should not be retained for more than a single session.

Eligibility Service

API Description
POST /account/2014/07/25/getEligibility This call gives us information that does user is eligible to retrieve CRM data or not.

CRM Service

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) service provides a means of retrieving name, address, and email directly from the MNO.

CRM Service

API Description
POST /account/2014/07/25/getCRM The getCRM endpoint retrieves the user’s CRM info directly from the MNOs billing system.

Additional information about the Payfon Signature API platform functionality is available here.