Base URL for requests


This guide will get you started using the Handwriting API to turn text into handwriting.  Code examples are provided for the shell, python, and ruby. The shell examples use cURL, and the python examples require the Requests library.

Access Tokens

To use the Handwriting API, you will need to aquire a "Consumer Key". The Consumer Key is provided once your application has been approved.  To acces the consumer key, login to the developer portal and navigate to "my apps" http://verizonventures-prod.devportal.apigee.com/user/me/apps. Your consumer key should be used for all calls to the handwriting API.


Before rendering text, you will need to pick a handwriting. Request the listing by calling the GET /handwritings endpoint.

curl 'http://verizonventures-prod.apigee.net/handwritings/render/png?apikey={your_consumer_key}&handwriting_id=2D5S46A80003&text=Hello+World!' > Hellow-World.png


The above command returns JSON structured like this:

    "id": "2D5S46A80003",
    "title": "Robert Ford",
    "date_created": "2015-04-14T15:01:16.465765Z",
    "date_modified": "2015-04-14T16:50:27.978748Z"
    "id": "2ZK3SNCR0057",
    "title": "Goldie Hale",
    "date_created": "2015-04-14T16:36:19.583444Z",
    "date_modified": "2015-04-14T16:50:27.978748Z"

Choose one of the handwritings and save the id.

Render an Image

Images are rendered by calling the GET /render/png or GET /render/pdf endpoints. The image parameters are passed as url query parameters.

curl 'http://verizonventures-prod.apigee.net/handwritings/render/png?apikey={your_consumer_key}&handwriting_id=2D5S46A80003&text=Hello+World!' > Hellow-World.png

This simple example should produce an image like:


Optional Image Parameters

For more control over the image, include more parameters. For the complete reference, including default values, see the API Reference.


width and height

Controls the size of the resulting image. Provide these as distance strings, e.g., 300px (for PNG) or 5in (for PDF).

curl  'http://verizonventures-prod.apigee.net/handwritings/render/png?apikey={your_consumer_key}&handwriting_id=2D5S46A80003&width=100px&height=150px&text=This+image+is+very+narrow.' > narrow.png


Additionally height may be auto to determine the height automatically based on the text. Width will be fixed at the requested dimension.

curl 'http://verizonventures-prod.apigee.net/handwritings/render/png?apikey={your_consumer_key}&handwriting_id=2D5S46A80003&width=100px&height=150px&text=This+image+is+very+narrow.' > narrow.png



Controls the size of the handwritten text. Provide this as a distance string, e.g., 16px (for PNG) or 16pt (for PDF).

curl 'https://verizonventures-prod.apigee.net/handwritings/render/png?apikey={your_consumer_key}&handwriting_id=2D5S18M00002&height=auto&text=This+image+will+automatically+grow+or+shrink+vertically+to+fit+the+text.' > autoheight.pn


curl curl 'https://verizonventures-prod.apigee.net/handwritings/render/png?apikey={your_consumer_key}&handwriting_id=2D5QW0F80001&handwriting_size=120px&text=HUGE' > HUGE.png



Controls the color the handwritten text. Can be provided as RGB (#RRGGBB) or CMYK ((C, M, Y, K)). RGB is recommended for PNG and CMYK is recommended for PDF.

 curl 'https://verizonventures-prod.apigee.net/handwritings/render/png?apikey={your_consumer_key}&handwriting_color=005e9e&text=Color+is+my+day-long+obsession%2C+joy+and+torment.%0A+++++-+Claude+Monet!' > handwriting_color.png




Controls the amount of vertical space each line of text takes up, as a multiple for the handwriting_size.

curl 'https://verizonventures-prod.apigee.net/handwritings/render/png?apikey={your_consumer_key}&line_spacing=4&text=These%0Alines%0Aare%0Atall.' > line_spacing.png



Randomizes the line_spacing. This should be provided as a multiplier. Example: 0.1 means the line_spacing will vary by +/- 10%. This can be useful for making the handwriting appear more natural.

curl 'https://verizonventures-prod.apigee.net/handwritings/render/png?apikey={your_consumer_key}&line_spacing_variance=0.15&text=These%0Alines%0Aare%0Aspaced%0Aslightly%0Arandomly.' > line_spacing_variance.png




Randomizes the spacing between words. This should be provided as a multiplier. Example: 0.1 means the spaces will vary by +/- 10%. This can be useful for making the handwriting appear more natural.

curl https://verizonventures-prod.apigee.net/handwritings/render/png?apikey={your_consumer_key}&handwriting_id=2D5QW0F80001&word_spacing_variance=0.5&text=These+words+are+spaced+randomly.' > word_spacing_variance.png




Set this to a positive number to get a repeatable image. If this parameter is included and positive, the returned image should always be the same for the given set of parameters.

Without this, a new random seed will be generated for each call, and each resulting image should look slightly different.

curl https://verizonventures-prod.apigee.net/handwritings/render/png?apikey={your_consumer_key}&handwriting_id=2D5QW0F80001&random_seed=58067076&text=This+image+will+always+be+the+same.' > random_seed.png


Rate Limiting

Calls to the API are rate limited. Check your rate limit status by reading the X-Ratelimit-* headers in the response to any authenticated call.