Frequently Asked Questions

 Please Contact the Verizon Ventures team to get more information about the Ventures Access Platform APIs and how to use them.

Yes!  Production applications can use all the capabilities exposed through the Ventures Access Platform – it just has to be accessed directly from the underlying company.  Please contact Christian at the Verizon Ventures team to get started.

The Ventures Access Platform itself is agnostic to mobile ecosystems, so can support any type of device. However, the mobile ecosystems supported by the underlying platforms that make up the Ventures Access Platform vary in mobile ecosystem support. Please check the documentation under the Feature Discovery tab for the platform of interest for the details of ecosystem support. 

The Ventures Access Platform exposes APIs for the following features at this time.

  • Mobile Rewards (Kiip)
  • Mobile Wallet (Urban Airship Wallet)
  • Push Notifications (Urban Airship)
  • Publish and Subscribe mechanism for IoT (Dweet)
  • Location Sharing (Glympse)

Ventures Access Platform is a one-stop shop for a variety of bleeding edge services developed by successful startups to service specific markets. The platform provides a sandbox for Verizon developers to validate new product ideas or to enhance existing Verizon products. To keep things simple, the platform provides a single key that allows a Verizon developer to access multiple features supported by different portfolio companies.